Coil Handling

Coil Handling

For many people not in the metalforming industry, the term “coil” may be misleading. A coil is a actually a tightly coiled up roll of sheet metal, of course coming in varying thicknesses and types, that can be shaped and cut into an array of different products and parts. One challenge facing manufacturers when dealing with coil handling is efficiency.

These rolls of sheet metal are heavy and must be moved from machine to machine. The need to properly feed the sheet metal into a secondary machine (or secondary component of the same machine) is another challenge. Plus, these machines must interact with the company developed software to ensure that the knives, bending machines and other tools manipulate the sheet metal properly.

Coil handling is a sector of the metalforming industry that has come to rely highly on automation. Why? Because automated coil handling is incomparably more efficient than manual coil handling.

Take the Centurio coil handling machines, for example. These machines have been developed to quickly change out heavy coils of sheet metal – in approximately two minutes – and knife blades can be interchanged in less than a minute. Feeding the coil into the application is seamless, and it’s possible to nearly eliminate human error through advanced hard and software.

A buzzword in the industry that truly applies to coil handling is lean manufacturing. Automated coil handling machines help you reduce the waste you create; help you cut back on labor costs because you need fewer employees to guarantee quality results; they help you maximize productivity; and overall, they are an investment that will save you time and shore up business operations on a long-term scale.

If you are looking to advance your business’s metalforming and coil handling capabilities, automation is your only viable option. Integrate your machines with advanced software to ensure successful applications and turn up your organization’s lean manufacturing efforts to boost productivity, raise your bottom line, as well as increase efficiency while reducing waste and costs.

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