Evolution Series of Bi-Directional Folder

evolution mak 4
evolution bi-folder

chart of evolution bi-directional folders

evolution folder

Schroeder has been leading the industry with innovative advancements to folding for decades. They were the first to introduce bi-directional folding back in 2004 at EuroBLECH in Hannover Germany. In 2008, the introduction of the EVOLUTION series of bi-directional folder began recasting folding technology as we know it.

The EVOLUTION series of folder is without question the biggest advancement in folding technology since folding began. Minimum inside bend radii (IBR), short flanges, strokes and open heights, and speed, were all factors that prevented companies from adopting folding as standard shop-floor technology. The EVO evolved past those limiting factors. It is the first folder that allowed for an IBR of less than material thickness, flange lengths of 3x material thickness or less, offered standard stroke and opens of 33-1/2”, and up to 63-1/2” as an option, all while achieving bending speeds up to 150° per second, and clamping beam speeds approaching 300 IPM. Servo driven planetary drives and ball screws driving 13 axes bring unmatched speed and precision to a market hungry for lean, innovative bending technology.

POS 3000 Sheet Metal Designer

The brains behind the EVO series lie within the PC-based control system, the POS 3000 Sheet Metal Designer. The POS 3000 creates a virtual 3D environment in which the operator draws the part using his finger to sketch the parts profile. The control automatically combines the planes of the profile drawn into a 3D profile and is so sophisticated it automatically calculates the best way to form the part, optimizing the efficiency of the forming operation. From simultaneous axis movement, tooling strategy and auto sequence moves to the use of pneumatic squaring arms to secure the parts position relative to the tooling stations, the POS 3000 has your efficiency requirements covered. It can even automatically notify MetalForming in Georgia and Schroeder in Germany of any mechanical or electrical problems that might arise.

Given the challenges facing our industry posed by a scarcity of skilled workers and growing labor costs, the POS 3000 offers accurate, time- and money-saving solutions for optimizing your bending needs that even the most talented and tenured operator will appreciate and respect.

The EVO is available in two models, the SPB and the MAK 4.


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