MAK 4 Evolution Bi-Directional Folder

mak4 evo
mak4 evo

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The MAK 4 EVO is big brother to the SPB. It is a work horse without peer. With a base machine capacity of 127” x ¼”, it weighs in at over 37,000 pounds. Onlookers are quick to admit they have never before seen anything this impressive.

Big machines must fill big requirements to cost justify themselves. And the MAK 4 EVO has proven itself to be one of the most cost justifiable big machines ever built. Bi-directionally bending ¼” plate allows for a maximum 4-sided part depth of 13-3/4”. Utilizing its entire massive work envelope created by a standard 33-1/2” stroke and open and you are able to bend 4-sided part depths of 16-1/2” at a max thickness of 9 ga. If a bigger opening is required, we can go up to an astonishing 63.9” of stroke and open for part depths of 31”. And with clamping beam speeds approaching 300 IPM, you won’t doze off waiting for the beam to reach position. Maximum bending speed on the MAK 4 EVO is 130° per second making quick work of thin gauge small parts, adding an even larger envelope of part capability to an already impressively capable machine.

Massive clamping tonnage securely holds parts for tight bend radii and short flange lengths, and squashes most hems with ease. In applications where more hemming tonnage is required, the optional hemming device can flat hem up to 11 ga mild steel and 14 ga stainless effortlessly.


The optional automatic tool change system for the MAK 4 EVO is as capable as the machine itself. Two manipulators handle 3 tools each while the magnetic drives position the manipulators at blazing speeds, each operating simultaneously and independently of each other. Average tool change time is less than 2 minutes, and with tool heights of up to 31”; this alone is a feat worthy of admiration.

The MAK 4 Evolution was designed to make easy work of your toughest jobs. In bi-directional applications it has the potential to increase your efficiency exponentially. Perhaps the most amazing aspect of the MAK 4 EVO is that such a massively capable machine is still as fleet-footed and nimble as its little brother the SPB EVO.

This system has to be seen to believe, contact MetalForming to arrange for a demo, to send us your application, or for links to videos showcasing some of the capabilities of the MAK 4 EVO.


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