SPB Evolution Bi-Directional Folder

spb evolution folder
spb evolution bi-directional folder


The SPB EVO is a market maker, so it is no coincidence it has become the standard for job shops working in a 9 gauge and under environment. Bi-Directional bending has become the norm for shops wanting a leaner production environment and the SPB EVO takes bi-directional bending to new heights.

The flexibility and capabilities of the SPB EVO make it the perfect product for increasing your production velocity while decreasing your EOQ. Small lot size requirements are economically formed, beginning with the CAD interface for quickly programming the product. The POS 3000 takes an active role in creating the right sized flat blank so first part/good part is a repeatable reality, eliminating the wasted time in correcting programs and reducing scrap costs. The virtual 3D bending mode instructs the operator exactly how to mount the tools and manipulate the part, and it creates an environment in which every aspect of the process is optimized for maximum output and efficiency. And when lot sizes run into the dozens or hundreds, the incredible speed of the SPB EVO makes quick efficient work of any production requirement.

spb evo

Further expand the SPB EVO’s capabilities and efficiencies with the addition of a rotating clamping beam supporting two distinctively different tool sets; the combinations are limitless. Imagine being able to form large radii and sharp bends in one handling and setup. Or go from tall thinner gauged tooling to full capacity tooling in less than 3 seconds. A rotational clamping beam offers endless opportunities for competitiveness in multi-tool forming requirements.

And if reducing tool change times is insufficient in meeting your lean needs, we can eliminate it altogether. Our optional auto tool change (ATC) system can make any tool change in 3 minutes or less, AND it takes place simultaneously to the operator making ready for the next part. The machine is most likely ready to bend before the operator is. No downtime for tool change? Now THAT is lean.

The SPB Evolution was designed from the ground up to advance lean manufacturing, and an option set was engineered specifically to enhance its already phenomenal flexibility. If you bend metal, and have been looking for a way to lean out your bending operation, give us a call to learn more about how the SPB EVO can change the way to look at your forming department.


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