PowerBend Series of Mono and Bi-Directional Folder


If the EVO was an evolutionary advancement to folding, the PowerBend is nothing short of revolutionary. Introduced in 2013 at EuroBLECH shows, the PowerBend series of mono and bi-directional folders are quickly changing the relationship between high-tech competency and high cost. The first in a series of bi-directional machines designed on a newly engineered platform accomplished something never before achieved; high-tech and competency at an investment point that even the most frugal of accountants will crack a grin over.


Schroeder advanced bi-directional bending technology by utilizing the latest in control and drive technology; they advanced their manufacturing capabilities and assembly methods; they implemented a radical change in frame and beam design to produce a machine that is fast, accurate, flexible, competent, reliable and bends bi-directionally. In short, it is a cost-justifiable slam-dunk.

Perhaps one of the most admirable aspects of the PowerBend is its ability to be configured, and reconfigured. Starting with the frame, options are simply bolted on, capabilities grow, flexibilities expand, and when done, the end user has a folder perfectly suited to the application it was purchased for. And regardless of the option set chosen, everything is based on the same rigid frame design.


Rotational clamping beams, automatic tool clamping on the upper and folding beams, R, L, J, or U shaped back gauges, high speed drive systems for the folding and clamping beam, graphical PC based controls with offline programming, and bi-directional capability round out the short list of available options. And to top it off, almost all options can be retrofitted, including the bi-directional option! Don’t buy options that you might need, simply add them when you do. Optimize the use of capital, and maintain a more economical process by lowering your investment.

Give MetalForming a call to learn how incredibly efficient and economical the PowerBend really is.


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