The Evolution of Schroeder Precision Folders

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It was once said that pieces are pieces, and parts are parts. That held true when lot sizes in the hundreds or thousands were the norm. A lot has changed since the days of huge presses stamping out parts with progressive dies. With today’s need to be as lean as possible, to be free from manufacturing waste, the tools used to process your parts are more important than ever, and can determine whether you grow, survive, or slowly become extinct.

Schroeder Group of Wessobrunn, Germany, a world leader in the manufacture of folding equipment, understands how critical it is to be as efficient in a process as possible. They employ this in the manufacturing and engineering concepts that form the baseline for how they design their folding equipment.


The Schroeder Group represents the combined technologies of Fasti, a manufacturer with a reputation for unmatched performance capabilities in folding heavy gauge metal, and Schroeder Maschinenbau, well known for metal folders so advanced, they make even the most demanding forming jobs seem simple. In 2005, Schroeder purchased Fasti, and the combination of strength and smarts triggered a wave of product development forever changing the industry definitions of what a precision folder can do.

Hydraulic press brakes, multiple operators, and first generation folders have been unable to provide the lean output required by today’s fabrication needs. The Schroeder line of folders is available in a wide range of sizes and capabilities, each designed to specifically meet the varying demands of the fabrication market. These folders are engineered to perfectly suit today’s need for lean manufacturing and strike the perfect combination of productivity, flexibility and capability.

If you have bending needs and previously had only considered a press brake, Schroeder products are worth investigating. These machines no longer compete on the same platform as traditional folders. They are machines that challenge our perception of lean, flexible productivity. They are machines that will save time, cut costs and increase profit. They will change the markets you serve, and how you serve them.

Contact MetalForming Inc., the exclusive partner for distribution and support of Schroeder folder products in North America for more information. We also have distribution partners who can help.


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