Coil Processing, Slitting & Shearing

Slitting is a type of metal cutting process where large rolls, or coils, of sheet metal stock are cut using extremely sharp rotary blades. In metal slitting, straight lines are cut lengthwise into the large coil to create strips of metal that are narrower in width. As the coil runs through the slitter, circular blades – one upper, the other lower – make the cuts. These are commonly called knives and can be moved to make sheet metal strips of differing widths. In metal fabrication, slitters often come equipped with multiple knives.

Shearing more commonly refers to making cuts across the width of a coil.

The slitting process:
• is restricted to cutting relatively thin metal materials (generally 0.001 to 0.125 in.),
• can involve both ferrous and nonferrous metals,
• generally requires a high quality production tool to assure consistent quality in controlling metal width.

Slitting can be used equally well for both sheet metal pieces or rolls of metal coil.

Slitting blades are designed depending on the job required. The three critical determinants of the blade configuration include:
• The work piece material thickness
• The type of material to be slit
• The tolerances that must be held while slitting.

Machines may be designed just as coil slitters, or just as cutting shears, but many metal fabrication machines can do both.

MetalForming Inc. sells a full line of the world’s best slitters, shears and coil handling equipment. Our product line includes:

The Centurio: It has gotten rave reviews from every tier of the industry, from small operations to large. And it’s no wonder. Because it’s the fastest, most advanced slitting, shearing and coil handling system in the world. It can be fitted with up to six slitting knives and has a guillotine shear. And with the coil handler and warehousing system, you can changeover coils automatically in 2 minutes or less, while switching knife positions in 30 seconds—for accurate cuts +/– .004”. Speed, precision, quality.

The Schlebach Taper Slasher is ideal for slitting tapered pieces from coil at speeds of up to 60 feet per minute. Enter dimensions for the tapered panel, and the control provides the proper angle setup for the taper knife and taper entry shear. The Taper Slasher allows you to run blank in a variety of shapes (straight, conical and tapered) and the cantilevered shear ensures that the ends of the panels are cut to the proper angle.

If you need volume or long blanks fast, the Schlebach Slasher is the most economical slitting solution you can find. The machine can slit or cut to length, and can make up to 2,000 highly accurate, clean blanks per hour. The Slasher with Rotary Shear (RS) decoils up to 10,000 lbs. of material and slits and cuts to length from 18 to 30 ga. in widths up to 48″.

The Slasher with Guillotine Shear (GS) takes the Slasher design to a higher level of speed, strength and stacking ease with a 13 ga. guillotine shear for exit shearing. The massive guillotine shear addition reduces the exit shearing cycle time by 70% – down to 1.2 seconds.

The Jorns Mini Service Center is a revolutionary slitter and coil processing system. It is available in several different models from 48″ wide to 60″ wide and up to 11 gauge mild steel. There are several options to choose from ranging from a re-coiling system, to a 5-roll straightener and a plastic film applicator. The Jorns Mini Service Center is the most affordable and flexible system on the market. Its features allow smaller metal component manufacturers and roofing manufacturers to compete with the big boys.

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