The Centurio is a fully automated sheet metal cutting, coil handling and warehousing system.

The slitter alone is one of the very best in the industry for cutting; knife blades last longer because they are always automatically set perfectly. Continuous length slitting is done by up to 8 pairs of automatic positioned cutting knives and the diagonal cutting by a guillotine shear.

Because of the variety of sheet metal types and colors used in different industries and for different metal roofs and buildings, Centurio comes equipped with a material database. It handles steel from 26-15 gauge, as well as other sheet metals such as stainless steel and aluminum. All machine adjustments for different materials (cutting clearance, knife positions, cutting depth, etc.) are done automatically.

Some customers purchase just the slitter, but to realize the full cost-savings and efficiency of Centurio, there are great productivity advantages to the metal coil handling and warehousing system.

Centurio’s automatic coil warehousing system is designed to meet each customer’s needs. It handles coils up to 11,000 pounds, and has been configured at different metal component manufacturing companies to store and manage from five to more than 70 coils. It transports the selected coil to the slitting and cutting machine and automatically inserts the sheet metal via a patented clamping system into the slitter and cutting unit.

Purchasing a Centurio system will:

-Dramatically improve the quality of metal cutting at your shop and reduce scrap;

-Enable you to reduce your manpower costs and still triple your production output;

-Eliminate inventory costs from scratched or damaged coils caused by using a forklift for
coil changeovers;

-Cut coil changeover time to less than two minutes;

-Assure that you will always know exactly how much metal coil inventory is on hand
because every coil is weighed with every use and the results are automatically
entered into the material database.

Centurio is manufactured in Graz, Austria by Krasser and sold exclusively in North America by MetalForming, Inc. in Peachtree City, Georgia.

In addition to the software-driven automation and precision inherent in the Centurio system, MetalForming also has developed factory automation software gathered under the heading of Computer Integrated Roof Manufacturing (CIRM) that enhances the efficiency and productivity of the Centurio system. The CIRM factory automation software, when integrated with Centurio, helps coordinate a metal component factory’s entire operation, from job scheduling and machine operations to product loading, transportation and accounting.

The Centurio has gotten rave reviews from every tier of the metal fabrication industry, from small metal roofing operations to large metal components manufacturers.

“We can take an entire day’s production requirements and optimize them in ways that really maximize production speed and minimize scrap,” said MetalForming CEO Geoff Stone. “The combination of both CENTURIO and CIRM lets us become fully automated modern manufacturers.”

Centurio Video

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