It may be the perfect marriage of man and machine.

‘It’ is the joining of Schectl MAX to iFold™ control and OnLink™ remote servicing.

To create a more perfect union of hardware and software, the folks at MetalForming Inc. started from strength. The German engineers at Schechtl have a 100-year history of building the most popular sheet metal folders in the world. The Schechtl MAB and MAX sheet metal breaks lead the industry today in production speed, versatility and operator ease of use.

The backbone is the heavy-duty solid steel folding beam. The MAX features bending capacities from 20 to 11 gauge, with a backgauge accuracy of +/- .004″, and a backgauge driven by two massive 1.25″ Dual Drive Ball Screws and twin 1.5″ Thompson rails.

Because of the small geometry of the tooling, clamping jaws and folding beam, it is much easier to produce a wider variety of profiles with the MAX than with the competition. In addition, unlike most of the competition, Schechtl offers a huge variety of clamping jaw tooling.

Add MetalForming Inc. ‘s industry-leading 3-year parts warranty to MAX’s legendary bending strength, , and you have a very strong and reliable hardware foundation.

And beyond the muscle, there’s also the brain. Computers have enabled huge efficiencies in manufacturing operations, and the iFold control on the Shechtl MAX is a poster child for creating those efficiencies in your shop. Drag & Draw programming technology allows the iFold operator to draw a part “live” on the screen with his finger, with actual dimensions and angles to scale.

Moreover, MetalForming’s OnLink Service System, another innovation, can communicate with the customer right from the control screen with live streaming voice and video. You save the expense of plane fare and travel time for a technician to come to you, and get the benefits of having MetalForming’s entire expert team there ‘virtually’ for custom care whenever you need it.

Currently, the two most popular Schechtl MAX models are the 10 ft. 16 gauge MAX 3100 and the 13 ft. 20 gauge MAX 4000.

And one more thing…when you’re ready to double down on efficiency and the profit potential of lean manufacturing, add one more software piece to the MAX mix. TrimSpec™ is MetalForming’s revolutionary new software application that makes the iFold drawing engine portable to desktop, laptop or tablet. Part jobs can be drawn, estimates developed and orders can be created and delivered to the MAX or an ERP system from the field, or wherever you can connect to the internet. Save time, reduce mistakes and drive more dollars to the bottom line.

ModelInchesSteel GaugeAluminum InchesStainless InchesLength InchesDepth InchesHeight InchesWeight LBS.
MAX 150060110.1770.0759270553,150
MAX 200080120.1560.06011170553,600
MAX 2500100140.1250.04813170554,100
MAX 3100122160.0800.04015670565,450
MAX 4000159200.0600.02417970558,000
This is referred to as "Model Working Capacity Dimensions"
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