TwinMatic Pro

If you want the absolute best in folding technology and performance, look no further than the Jorns Twinmatic family of totally automated bending cells, a revolutionary combination of engineering and computer automation.

All you have to do is program your part, insert your blank and get out of the way. The dual bending beams bend parts both up and down, and parts are finished with astonishing accuracy and speed.

The Twinmatic is the newest up/down long folder from Jorns and is the most advanced folder in the market today. It is equipped with the new CP200 touch screen control, which is capable of automatic sequencing of the part’s construction.

This machine comes in standard lengths of 10, 13, 21, 26, 32 and 40 feet. You can also get the Twinmatic machine in either an 18, 16, or 11 gauge model.

If you have owned a Jorns folder before, you will be amazed at how many improvements have been made to this already great product line. The throat depth is bigger to accommodate larger size materials. There is an all new backgauge and a new high-tech proportional hydraulic system. The safety system has been enhanced and operational speed has increased by more than 50 percent.

Jorns, with headquarters in Lotzwil, Switzerland, has been developing and manufacturing bending machines and accessories for sheet metal forming applications in the roofing, siding and plumbing industries since 1973.

The Twinmatic double bending machines were developed, beginning in 2001, specifically to increase efficiency and throughput. With an upper and lower bending beam, they can fold the sheet either upward or downward. This flexibility reduces the amount of handling required and accelerates the bending process, making Jorns the front-runner in the field of sheet metal folding.

A unique feature is the programmable air gap, which, depending on the operating cycle (top and bottom bending beam), adapts automatically to the sheet thickness. It is another efficiency designed to increase throughput, and it also is representative of the adaptability required to accommodate a wide range of products.

On the automation side of the equation, the CP200 touch screen control enables part design with state-of-the-art drawing software and a parts database to help guarantee you are creating the architectural world’s most accurate parts. And once you have designed the profile, you can test its implementation with a bending simulation program. The program also highlights any potential collisions.

If you are ready to move your folding operation to the head of the class, the only way to get there is with a Jorns Twinmatic Pro. When it comes to forming sheet metal parts, no one bends better than Jorns.


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