Pros and Cons of a Standing Seam Roof

Pros and Cons of a Standing Seam Roof

One of the biggest advantages of having a standing seam roof is durability. Metal roofs have an incredibly long life and over time, save you time and money on home repairs. Another pro of standing seam roofs is that by design, every area that could potentially let in water or moisture is elevated above the surface as opposed to being flush. This helps greatly with runoff and keeps leaks at bay.

There are a couple of disadvantages to standing seam roofs, however. Because not as many professionals offer the skills necessary to install them, and because of the price of materials and labor, the cost of a metal roof is going to be higher than that of a traditional, asphalt shingle roof.

As a newer form of roofing, standing seam roofs are more limited than shingled roofs with regard to color. However, industrial grays and darker, earthier hues are available and options are expanding.

Lastly, the look and style of standing seam roofs can be both a benefit and a disadvantage. While some dislike its industrial feel, others appreciate its sleek appearance. Its style complements many types of architecture, but on some forms, it can be incongruous.

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