iFold Software Solution

iFold. The fastest, most accurate, easy-to-use interface ever, the iFold is the new gold standard for high tech folding.

If you can imaging it, you can create it with Schechtl’s exclusive iFold touch screen control. Now you can literally drag and draw parts in real time, creating actual dimensions as you go. The iFold tells you when to flip, rotate and move the part to finish it, or you can choose from a massive parts library.

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The user interface is state-of-the-art “swipe” technology, allowing instant control of graphics and content on screen. It’s all part of our exclusive new “Drag and Draw” programming technology.

The operator designs a part by simply touching and dragging their finger on the 22″ tempered glass touch screen. They literally draw a “live” part with the actual dimensions and angles to real scale with no other programming or adjustments. Should a change be desired to a segment length, angle, or radius; clearly marked “HOT” buttons are utilized. A sequence button is used to determine the actual bending sequence of the part in real-time with the picture-in-picture (PIP) feature.

With PIP, any change in the program sequence is viewed in relation to the machine elements, providing collision checking of the part with the machine.

Programming can also be done using Schechtl’s historical methods of easy and classic mode for the less advanced user. A program created with any of the three methods is stored automatically and is accessible in all-three formats.

The new iFold profile explorer function allows you to store and manage part programs in a virtually endless number of ways: part type (e.g., gutter, rake) part number, part name, project or job number, customer name, etc. And we’ve built a massive core library of industry standard parts which can instantly be added to any folder.

The Computer

What makes a technological advance of this magnitude possible is next generation software based on the Microsoft.Net 3.5 framework – today’s most advanced programming method which shatters the concept of the stand-alone machine. The key is that the system allows total compatibility and connectivity to a wide range of other computers and software.

Why would a roofing or sheet metal contractor care about this? Because, for the first time ever, MetalForming has developed a new communications method in collaboration with Georgia Tech University which essentially stations a MetalForming service man in your shop. The new iFold can connect directly to us via the web, land lines, WIFI, Bluetooth or 3G. The system uses MT Connect™ to constantly send us data on the health of your machine, so we can report upcoming problems to you before they appear.

And with MetalForming’s new OnLink Service System we can communicate to you right from the control screen with live streaming voice and video. We can actually see your problem and help you fix it over the internet. We’ve even developed a new plug-in system for key electrical components so you can quickly and reliably replace them with us looking over your shoulder–without a plane ticket in hand.

In addition to communicating with our service department, the control can network to your office computers or even connect two or more Schechtl machines together, either on location or remotely. This feature will become even more valuable to you as we add features in the near future, like connection to estimation and drawing files (CIRM, CAD, BIM) bar coding systems, accounting systems and many other applications.

To make sure that the system is completely reliable we are using an “armored” tempered glass shatter and scratch resistant touch screen. In addition, all of the drives use solid state storage (no moving parts or spinning drives), and have built in redundancy. And in the unlikely event something does go wrong you can run the entire system with your laptop.

Last but not least, through our groundbreaking new technology and hardware part replacement costs are cut by more than 50%.

iFold Software Solution

Drag and Draw, Touch to Create

iFold Software Solution

iFold Picture-in-Picture Display

iFold Software Solution

Profile Explorer library of industry-standard parts

iFold Software Solution

Onlink Service – Live Voice and Video

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