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Factory Order Support




public bool FactoryOrdersStore(XDocument factoryOrdersStoreXmlDoc)

  • Create a FactoryOrders Store xml to release the FactoryOrders to the Factory Floor.
  • Returns true if sucessfully stored, false if it is not.


public XDocument FactoryOrders(XDocument factoryOrdersRequestXmlDoc)

  • Call this API by sending in the factoryOrdersRequestXmlDoc and FactoryOrders.xml is returned on the query that meets the criteria of the request.


public bool FactoryOrdersDelete(XDocument factoryOrdersDeleteXmlDoc)

  • Call this API to delete the FactoryOrder by factoryOrdersId.  If a Job Has been scheduled then deletion is not allowed, boolean returned is false.  true if the FactoryOrder deletion was succesful.


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