VideoSurv™ the most accurate, digital measuring system ever. VideoSurv™, is the new standard for measuring to fabrication.

Fabrication of metal roofing panels requires measurement accuracy+/- 0.25 – 1.0 inch. Tape measures and ladders are the industry standard tools for measuring roofs, with safety, high labor cost, and human error being significant issues for contractors.  Advanced alternatives for surveying roofs are available including satellite measurement and close range photogrammetry, but none have the level of accuracy, simplicity and cost effectiveness required by contractors for fabrication in the field or in the factory.

VideoSurv offers a simple, cost-effective and safe solution to contractors to generate a 3D digital line model of roofs to the accuracy required for modern CNC fabrication of Metal Roof Panels.

VideoSurv in the field 




Potential Hardware



Potential hardware would include the pieces displayed to the right as well as two high resolution video cameras. The two small cameras would be mounted inside the rectangle frame at the top of the pole. The operator would walk around the area with the cameras pointed to the desired plane of measurement.







Potential Interview Questions

Would you like to use this technology?

How would you use it?

What problems would this technology solve for your company?

How and what do you measure today?

  • How often do you need to do this?
  • What are the challenges with timing and quality?
  • How do you store this type data (what formats .dwg, bim, xml)?
  • Do you use special team or consultants for this work?
  • Do you use other companies or products to perform this function?
  • What is your cost?

Do you use roof estimation software today?

  • Excel?
  • Applicad?
  • Topview?
  • Edge?
  • Other? Please list

How would you use VideoSurv™ technology?

  • Fabrication?
  • Estimation?
  • Other Processes? Explain

What is the acceptable accuracy for your use?  In/cm

  • Is there a tolerance to your accuracy? (+/-)
  • Is that for all types/shapes of products you make?

What software products do you use that could take an input from this technology?

  • What is the level of accuracy that those applications need?

What value does this technology offer?

  • E.g. Complete projects faster, less errors, worker safety, save money

Please rank the following features in order of usefulness/need

  • User friendly report
  • Graphics manipulation
  • Portable hardware
  • Easy troubleshooting
  • Simple configuration per application

Is the hardware cost an important factor that may change your decision?

  • Would the cost change the way you use it?
  • How much would you pay for this technology?

How do imagine the hardware (cameras/visualization) being packaged?

How would you prefer to be billed for using this technology?

  • Per use
  • Monthly rental – Unlimited uses
  • Buy a package

How long can you wait for the result?

  • Next day
  • 1 hr.
  • 1 min.

How long does it take to do the task with current methods?

Do you see any problems in terms of using this technology?

Given the whole discussion, who else should I talk to (job title?)

What else do you think I should have asked you?

Would you like to measure one of your projects?

Would you be interested in being a pilot customer?

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